Fire Doors Bridgend

If you require the installation of fire doors Bridgend, contact Hartland Construction. A Fire Door is a highly technical passive fire protection component of a building, it will have been rigorously tested to meet a specific criteria and will only perform to that criteria if the testing scenario is recreated where the door is finally fitted. Installation of fire doors is as life critical as the product specification itself and should only be carried out by someone who is competent, has been specifically trained to install fire doors and understands their responsibilities in getting it right.

Fire doors that are incorrectly installed and fitted with incompatible components invalidate certification and will not provide adequate protection for occupants or the building.

Fire Door Installation

We specialise in fire door installation in Bridgend, Wales and throughout the UK. Hartland Construction Ltd are fully accredited for Installation and Maintenance of Fire Doors. This means that our installers are qualified, have been assessed and tested and they are also subject to random site audits by the third party accreditation company. Compliance doesn’t stop there though! In order to maintain our accreditation we also undergo an annual Office Audit where we demonstrate full traceability of all of the materials used in our installations, photographs taken during installation, marked up drawings of buildings and records of any other relevant information.

Our accreditation stretched even further with the following scope part of our remit :-

  • Fire Rated Glazed Screens
  • Penetration seals
  • Perimeter seals

We are adding disciplines to our accreditation all of the time in our quest to keep abreast of the industry’s needs and demands.

The Fire Door Chain – Who’s responsible?

From choosing the best materials to manufacture a fire door from, through to the manufacturing process and fire door installation, every step in the process is partly responsible for meeting rigid fire door criteria.

‘A critical chain of responsibility’

• Raw Material and Component Supplier
• Manufacturer
• Processor
• Specifier
• Supplier
• Door Installer
• Door Inspection and Maintenance

Fire Door Repairs Bridgend

As well as fitting new fire doors, we also offer fire door repairs in Bridgend, Wales and across the UK, meaning you can save money on having the entire door replaced. 

All repairs performed meet rigorous fire door regulations, so you can have peace of mind your door will perform as it should in an emergency.

If you need your fire door repaired, contact Hartland Construction Ltd to discuss your needs on 01656 330589.

Looking for Fire Door Installers?

If you are looking for fire doors Bridgend, Wales or anywhere else in the UK, speak to the experts at Hartland Construction Ltd. Please contact us on 01656 330 589 or fill out our useful contact form. A member of our team will be happy to discuss our fire doors repairs and installation with you.